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France Bevk Public Library in 1985

The library was founded on 18th of January 1949 in Šempeter and was first named Okrajna študijska knjižnica Gorica (District study library of Gorica). Due to lack of space it had to move many times from Šempeter to Vrtojba to Solkan and to several locations in Nova Gorica during the first 50 years, but on 8th of February 2000 (Slovenian national culture day) all the departments finally found their place under the same roof.

The name of the library changed in 1970 when France Bevk, a well known Slovenian author, died. He lived in Rožna Dolina (near Nova Gorica) and visited the library many times. Part of his legacy is kept in the library in the France Bevk's memorial room.